Offering an Exclusive





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On-site travel

to serve as a member of your

personal entourage


Why work with Amana B?

I’ll only work with the best products available to provide makeup and hair that lasts through your event. I never compromise quality for time and give my clients realistic schedules that accommodate their event and specific beauty needs. I strive for honest and timely customer service. Only one bride is scheduled per day to allow for complete creative focus and attention to detail. My work is full of passion and I treat my client’s special moments as my own. Above all, I deliver looks that are timeless while maintaining the latest looks in beauty.


A note from the artist

Hi, my name is Amana (pronounced Uh-ma-na, but any rendition is welcome)! I started doing makeup and hair 13 years ago. My older sister, Anna, was an early freelancer in Chicago and I had convinced her to let me assist on-site. I would watch her and the dozens of artists she would work alongside. Soaking it all in, I quickly realized beauty was the creative vessel I had been looking for. After several years of working in Chicago, I was ready for more and moved to Southern California. There, I spent five years on sets of photo shoots and behind the scenes of ultra extravagant weddings. I was ready to bring what I had learned back to the Midwest. Now that I am back in Chicago, I have a specific vision for myself and my clients. Timeless, soft, and precise beauty applications paired with an exclusive customer service experience. I am looking to be a member of your entourage during your biggest moments. Start an inquiry to see if we are a good fit.