Do you offer trials?

I do not recommend bridal trials simply because replicating your wedding look while you are in street attire can create more confusion that it can insight. Without having your dress and jewelry on, hair and makeup can often look overwhelming.

However I do understand a client’s need to shop an artist. I would recommend booking hair and makeup for another event instead. Engagement shoots, a close friend’s wedding, birthday, or bachelorette party are a great opportunity to try out my work. A bonus, the glam (and costs) wont go to waste!

If a client feels strongly about replicating the exact wedding look beforehand, we can discuss this option via a phone consult.

Do you travel onsite?

Yes. All services are completed at the client’s location. I believe a truly exclusive experience includes the artist traveling to you.

How much do you charge for travel?

All bridal packages include travel within 25 miles of Naperville, IL.

Travel is complimentary when you book four or more non-bridal services. For 1-3 non-bridal services, a travel fee is charged based on location. Inquire for a quote.

What kind of lashes do you use?

Currently, I use real mink Lilly Lashes and faux mink Ardell lashes. All bridal packages include a pair of Lilly Lashes. Party makeup deserves fabulous lashes too! “The Soft Glam” and “The Celebutante” makeup packages include Lilly Lashes. “The Natural Beauty” package includes Ardell faux mink lashes for those seeking a more subtle look. If you book multiple events, I order different styles to accomplish different looks for each event.

Can I provide my own lashes?

I am always happy to discuss and consider other options. However, I cannot guarantee I will use lashes provided by the client. Lashes are an extremely important finishing touch. Size, shape, and color are carefully selected to serve as the “cherry on top” for a look. I feel this detail cannot be compromised.

If i book for 2+ events, can I reuse my lashes?

Absolutely! I will not be able to use this element to create diversity in the second look. As long as the client is comfortable with this, I am happy to reuse and discount $25 for the cost of the lashes.

Can I opt for simpler lashes?

Of course. I always have additional Ardell faux mink lashes on hand. We can create simpler looks by using these instead. Final total is discounted by $20.

What products do you use?

Nars, Hourglass, Mac, Tarte, Becca, Benefit, Huda Beauty, Inglot, Urban Decay and so much more. Whether it is Sephora’s best sellers or hidden treasures from online beauty brands, each product is thoughtfully selected to create a long lasting and precise application .